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I was scammed on this site twice by two different "Merchants" .Here you go - You loose your money to Frauds!!!yes, some seller scam people they tend to sell counterfeit items, others take your money stop selling and dissapear without delivering your items, I have reported some sellers but it looks like ioffer don't seem to take care about it...I suggest you stay away from this site I am telling you from experience, they said they were selling original things when it fact they were fake...I received two 256GB DataTraveler310 USB keys and they both do not work!

When I plug them into the computer it shows that it has 256GB of space, but when I write data to it, the data gets corrupted (cannot open the data). If I remove the USB key from my computer and put it back in, the files which were on it disappears! I opened one of these devices up only to find that the microchip isn't even branded Kingston. These are fake products and I would like my money back.I received a 32GB SDHC Memory card but it does not work.

When you plug it in, it claims to be 32GB, but when you write data to it, you cannot read it back. I havetried this product in both my computer and my camera.

In my camera, it does not save photos and movies properly, and in my computer, you cannot copy and files from it.This is a fake product and I would like my money back.

Review about: Counterfeit Items.

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